Neist Point Lighthouse

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Here’s another one from the beautiful Isle of Skye in Scotland. I could explore that place for weeks…

This image is from Neist Point, a rocky promontory that extends out from the Westernmost part of Skye. The drive there follows one of the island’s ridiculously narrow roads covered in sleeping sheep and stops a short walk from the cliff tops towering over the ocean. There is a walk down to the lighthouse pictured below, but I was more interested in this dramatic perspective with the cliffs rising above the land and sea.

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Neist Point Lighthouse

2 Responses to “Neist Point Lighthouse”

  1. Johnny A. says:

    Absolutely stunning. How’d you get the colors to be so saturated?

    • dsawchuk says:

      A polarizing filter helps to get the blues a bit deeper as it cuts down on reflections from the water. After that, I bumped up the saturation in Photoshop. It’s rare that a shot comes out just how I want it in its raw form, so some Photoshop tweaking is almost always part of the end result.

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