POTD: Strahov Monastery Theological Hall

Photo of the Day: Strahov Monastery

This is the magnificent Theological Hall at the Strahov Monatery in Prague. It’s one of two library hall sin the monastery, but, unfortunately for me, the larger of the two, the Philosophical Hall, was under restoration during my visit and it’s shelves were obscured by scaffolding.

The Theological Hall was still worth the trip. The precious tomes lining the walls and displayed on lecterns, the ancient-looking globes and the ornate ceiling fill the room with wonder.

I love libraries and it would be a dream come true to have a proper library as a room in my home. I won’t be so bold as to realistically hope of having a room this grand, but if I ever had more money than I could hope to spend, I might give this photo and a good collection of stories (some Borges, some Eco) to an architect and see what he or she could do.

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