More Photos of Manchester’s Town Hall

While I already have a number of photos available here of the exterior of the Manchester Town Hall, the building’s architectural wonders do not cease once you step inside. The first two floors of the building (at least the parts open to the public) make for a particularly good wander and I now have a gallery of photos of the interior to prove it.

A couple years ago, my wife brought two of her co-workers over to Manchester for a visit. They both worked in the city hall of the small city of Ichinoseki in northern Japan and they were blown away by Manchester’s building. I’m told they turned green with envy because the Ichinoseki city hall, well, it lacks some of the grandeur of Manchester’s municipal headquarters. Not that a Victorian Gothic building would make much sense in small-city Japan… Still, it’s nice when architects give the occupants of their buildings a treat.

Manchester City Hall

Manchester City Hall

Manchester City Hall

Manchester City Hall

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  1. John Sellers says:

    My late father had a pencil drawing of York Minster hanging in Manchester Town Hall. Could it still be there?
    It would be signed E. Sellers.

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