Photo Printing at Target

New York Times tech writer David Pogue has a ridiculous story from one of his readers. In it the reader tells a tale about how Target Photo Centre refused to sell her the prints she had ordered.

This person had ordered prints online and went to the store to pick them up, but instead was greeted with the following:

“The very sweet young girl found my envelope, but it had a note attached to it. The note said, ‘Ask for Copyright release for the 2 pictures lying on the dryer rack.’

She called for assistance, because she was unsure what to do. The person who answered her call ALSO called for assistance, because she also did not know what to do. A third woman arrived.

She told me that because of copyright concerns, Target reserves the right not to sell any picture that appears to be professional. She said, ‘Anyone can just download any picture they want, and we’d be liable. I’m sorry, we will not sell you the prints.’

‘I proceeded to explain to her, as I had to the sweet teenager and the assistant, that one is a picture of my husband, and the other has ME IN IT with a camera! Surely that doesn’t appear to be professional staging. The manager reiterated, ‘I’m sorry.'”

As though any decent photographer needed any extra excuse not to use Target for their photo processing, this probably clinches it.

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  1. Free Prints Dude says:

    Amazing! Think how embarrassing that must have been.

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