Photo of the Day: Fountains Abbey Refectory

Photo of the Day: Fountains Abbey Refectory

In an attempt to get back into the habit of some photoblogging, may I present you with an image of the Lay Brothers Refectory in Fountains Abbey, North Yorkshire England.

I had the chance to visit both Fountains Abbey and Ripon Cathedral on the way back from the wedding I shot a few weeks ago in North Yorkshire and loved every minute of both of them.

In the few spare minutes I’ve had recently, I’ve been reading an introductory architecture book that helps you to identify various styles and construction methods used over the years and to be able to see its contents in person made the learning experience a lot more vivid than mere pages would.

The next photoblogs will feature the lovely Fountains Abbey and surroundings. They will be followed by a few shots from Ripon Cathedral. And after that? Well, let’s see how this works out and then then I’m sure I’ll be able to find a photo or two (hundred-thousand?) to follow.

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  1. Dianne says:

    Quite beautiful.

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