Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera

Well here’s a clever little idea. It’s a ball with 36 cameras mounted inside it that take a photo when tossed into the air. The result can be stitched into a 360 degree panorama with a unique viewpoint.

It seems like a pretty fun way to capture a moment. I just hope their stitching software improves a little bit and some of those stitching seams go away.

I wonder how sturdy the thing is? I’d love to have a game of basketball with it – you’d get some great photos!

Wedding Photographer Fail

I cant resist posting a little bit of photography humour even though it’s probably at this poor guy’s considerable expense.

And the moral of the story is: always be aware of your surroundings.

Happy New Year!

I just wanted to say a quick happy new year! Welcome to 2008. I hope your 2007 was great and that your 2008 is even better. I can personally say that I’m looking forward to the new year – I think 2008 has some good things in store for me.

I would offer up the following delicious cookie for a new year’s treat, but Santa Claus got to it before I could save it. I’m sure my wife would be happy to bake some more though!

Happy new year!

Irritatingly Addictive Game

Pendulumeca gets the time waster of the day award. You might consider not clicking this if you want to stay efficient today.

An Extra Optical Inch?

I’m not sure I’ve ever spent more time at a product site than I have at Despite the potentially obscene URL, this site is completely safe for work and definitely worth a look. Make sure you check out the music video.

Eight Myths About Video Games Debunked

Interesting article here about the psychological/social effects of video games. In case you’re wondering, it’s okay to play.

The Monster Engine

The Monster Engine is a fun collection of art. From the site:

“The Monster Engine is a book, a demonstration/lecture and a gallery exhibition. The premise for all three came from one single question: What would a child’s drawing look like if it were painted realistically?”

…and Now a Random Fact About Vin Diesel:

Vin Diesel’s protein shakes consist exclusively of battery acid. And here’s some more.


Sanjeev at the Nevashut is a cute Flash promo for Pringles. Talk to Sanjeev and distract him from his otherwise depressing time spent at the convenience store to win yourself some snacks.

It’s along the same lines as which is also worht a click if you haven’t seen it before.