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Ely Cathedral Window

Photo of the Day

This west-facing window on the Lady Chapel of Ely Cathedral caught the light of the descending sun in an extraordinary way. The whole window seemed to be set ablaze for a few moments as the sun neared the horizon. I’ve tried to capture just how bright the light looked, but I’m not sure a photograph can show just how brilliant it was.

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Ely Cathedral Lady Chapel Window

Zagreb Cathedral at Dusk Panorama

Photo of the Day

Today’s photo of the day comes from Croatia’s cosmopolitan capital, Zagreb. The spires of Zagreb Cathedral poke themselves into the dusky, blue evening sky.

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Zagreb Cathedral

Zadar’s Cathedral of St. Anastasia

Photo of the Day

Just around the corner from the St. Donatus Church, Zadar Cathedral, a.k.a. the St. Anastasia Cathedral, is another of the old town’s incredibly old and charming buildings. That massive blue sky in this image is making me pine for some of Croatia’s near-perfect weather…

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Zadar Cathedral Panorama

Zadar’s Church of St. Donatus

Photo of the Day

Moving away from the Croatia’s Plitvice Lakes, Zadar is one of the must-stop cities on the way down Croatia’s coast and one of the building’s to admire there is the over-1000-year-old, pre Romanesque Church of St. Donatus. Here it is in the evening, flanked by the tower of the nearby Cathedral of St. Anastasia.

Church of St. Donatus