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Photo of the Day – Sweeping the Gate of Dawn

At the Gates of Dawn in Vilnius, Lithuania, views generally look upwards to the painting of Mary or the archway, above which she hangs. But this shot takes a bit more of an earthly approach and gazes downward. It’s the humanist in me, I guess.

Click for a larger version on flickr:

Gate of Dawn in Vilnius

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Photos of Kaunas, Lithuania

Continuing on with my photography of the Baltics, I have just uploaded a gallery of photos of Kaunas, Lithuania.

It’s small old town is scenic and on the other side of the city, the St Michael the Archangel church is impressive. It was in Kaunas, that I had one of my more memorable adventures in the Baltics which involved me poorly planning a route up a hill, hopping a couple of barbed wire fences, narrowly escaping potentially-nasty falls then crossing paths with a drunken member of the Russian mafia (I’m pretty sure!) and having to politely refuse a trip to a strip club with him where who knows what would have happened! The whole thing got my adrenaline going just a wee bit…

If my photos are at least half as exciting, I will have done my job. Check them out!

Kaunas, Lithuania

Kaunas, Lithuania

Kaunas, Lithuania

Photos of Vilnius, Lithuania

After last night’s glitches were ironed out by a moment of clarity, I can now happily report that my gallery of photos of Vilnius, Lithuania is now up and ready for your viewing pleasure.

I got off to a rocky start in Vilnius with a cab driver and B&B manager both ripping me off. That’s not so great when they’re really the first two people you meet in the country!

It was, however, smooth sailing after that and I gleefully wandered the fantastic medieval streets of the capital of Lithuania. The medieval old town held enough treasures for me to walk until very ugly things started happening to my feet. And then I walked some more. When I have a camera in hand and I’m surrounded by a beautiful city, I don’t notice so much.

In the interest of getting the photos online quickly, I have not yet provided descriptions and keywords for all the images. This will follow once more photos are online, but if you need any further information about any of the photos, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Enjoy the Vilnius gallery!

Vilnius Cathedral Square

Old woman cleaning the streets below the gates of dawn

Crosses for sale

Vilnius street at night

Vilnius at sunset