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Cobblestones of Trogir

The old town of Trogir, Croatia is a tiny island composed of narrow, winding, cobblestone alleys. The texture of this particular stretch of road caught my eye.

Trogir Cobblestones

Dalmatian Islands at Sunset

From high above Dubrovnik, the view to the North West is a sea speckled with tiny islands that all beg for some exploration (and anyone with a boat in Dubrovnik’s harbour will be more than happy to help you in that endeavour).

Here’s a panorama of this group of Dalmation Islands looking their best in a sunset off the Croatian coast. Click for a larger view:

Dalmatian Islands at Sunset

Franciscan Monastery in Dubrovnik

Is there anywhere more peaceful than the cloisters of a monastery? Well, yes, if the monastery happens to be heavily touristed, but fortunately, one can find little silent breaks between groups of cruise ship passengers to relax and enjoy the quiet space.

And every once in a while, as in this shot of the Franciscan Monastery in Dubrovnik, you get to share the space with some of its religious residents:

Nuns in Franciscan Monastery in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik Harbour Night Panorama

I seem to be moving ever closer to Dubrovnik’s picturesque harbour with the last few entries. This is as close as I can get without getting wet.

Click for a larger view:

Dubrovnik Old Harbour at Night

New Look Blog

Welcome to a new and improved blog for!

A brand new version of WordPress, a brand new theme, and plenty of plans for the future make this an exciting little update here. I was hoping to iron out a few wrinkles before making this version live, but a couple factors conspired against that, so if you find anything is amiss, please forgive me and I’ll be trying to get to it as soon as I can.

I may have picked a bad time for this change though – I’m going to be down in Cornwall for a week starting this Saturday. In a battle for my attention between the Cornish coast and this website, I’m pretty sure the site will not emerge victorious.

The biggest issue facing the site right now is the three distinct looks and brands going on in here the blog, my portfolio and the galleries. This is the biggest hurdle: getting all these disparate sites to look like they belong together.

I will also be transitioning the galleries over to a Photoshelter-hosted gallery. Given the massive size of the current gallery, this is going to be a massive undertaking that could very well occupy months if not years. The old galleries will remain active for now, but new work is going to be displayed at my new home at Photoshelter. When that’s ready for public consumption, I’ll shout it from the e-rooftops.

Lastly, the site has a new RSS feed, (get it here) so update your feed readers accordingly. Alternatively, you can now also subscribe by email.

So, I hope you like the new look and I look forward to getting some new features implemented and to showing off some new work.