Plitvice Waterfall

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For the next little while, the photos of the day are going to be from one of my favourite places in Croatia: the Plitvice Lakes. I think I mentioned before that if there is a heaven, there’s a little slice of it that looks like Plitvice.

As the water flows through the area’s mountains it picks up minerals that coalesce to form barriers between the ever-changing lakes. These natural dams force the water from the lakes to leap down from one step to another in gorgeous cascades. The result is a landscape photographer’s dream (except for the tour groups).

Wooden walkways have been sensitively integrated into the natural surroundings and keep visitors from trampling the place into oblivion. It’s not a place where you get to do a ton of wandering off course, but the best bits are near the paths anyway.

This first shot is one of the first big waterfalls that you will see when you visit the upper lakes.

Plitvice Lakes

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