United States

Back from SF

That was my first US Thanksgiving ever and, in terms of fanfare, it surpassed most Thanksgivings I’ve experienced here in Canada. My family was invited to share in an enormous banquet where, apparently, turkey grew on trees. Fortunately for me, Thanksgiving vegetables were equally as bountiful (including the 10 pounds of mashed potatoes my sister, mom and I made). And pies! Don’t forget the pies and their excessive delisiousness. And the whipped cream! And the ice cream! Ah, so much food to be thankful for…

My mom sister and I made the obvious error of wandering towards Union Square for a shopping trip on Black Friday. Though it could have been worse (I don’t think there were any Best Buy stores in the area), the whole area was caught up in a stampede of shoppers. But we managed to navigate the currents of people and pick up some Christmas presents while also filling out bellies again (and by the way, Calgary needs more burrito places – someone get on that please).

No sooner had any space cleared in our stomachs, we were off again for another dinner, this time with some friends of my sister. Any open space inside us was quickly filled with more great food and fun. I haven’t checked a scale since I’ve been home, but I think I might postpone that bit of self-torture until I get the chance to work out a bit.

On an odd note, I didn’t take a single photo in the couple days I had there. One of my cameras came along for the trip, but apparently I always had too much food in my hands to operate it. It leaves me feeling a bit strange to visit somewhere and not shoot anything there, so I think, next time, I’ll make a point of taking at least a few food photos!

Back to San Francisco

Thursday’s US Thanksgiving will see the Sawchuks have a mini-family reunion. The Calgary branch of the troop will flee the rapidly-approaching cold front for the relative temperate climes of San Francisco. I’ll be happy to trade in the chilly weather for something a little warmer (even if perhaps some dampness is included). But aside from the weather, the bigger attraction is just spending Thanksgiving with my sister and her husband. I’ve never experienced Thanksgiving in the States before, so it should be fun.

For any US readers out there, have a happy holiday and enjoy your turkey (or tofurkey?).

San Francisco, Sanfrantastic!

I’m back in Calgary and I already want to head back to San Francisco. My itchy feet only got temporary relief while strolling over the Golden Gate Bridge, through Little Italy and Chinatown and around Sonoma. And a couple days barely scratches the surface of what San Francisco has to offer.

But, my sister and I made the best of the short time and embarked on a bunch of fun little trips. Puppy class with her lovely black lab Alice, watching the Blue Angels and the air slalom racers from the shores of the bay, and chowing down on plenty of Mexican food kept us busy and happy.

Here’s a few photos from the past few days:

Golden Gate Bridge

The Blue Angels

Sister and Dog

A Weekend in San Francisco

This weekend, I will have the good fortune of being able to go visit my sister in San Francisco. Originally, she and her husband were going to head up here to Calgary to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving, but her husband will be on a business trip and my sister has to stay home with her new puppy, a cute little black lab named Alice.

The plan was then that my Dad and I might head down for a visit while my Mom stayed home and took care of the Calgary puppies. It turns out it will just be me making the trip, so it will only be a sibling affair.

Years ago, I travelled through San Francisco on my way to play a show at Gilman Street in Berkeley with my old band, but we saw almost nothing of the city. A trip over the Golden Gate Bridge was about all we could muster up for sightseeing. So, needless to say, I’m excited to see a little bit more of the city. I only have a couple full days down there, but that should give me a taste of what San Francisco has to offer.

Even if it’s only for a few days, I’m happy as could be to do a bit more travelling.