Back from SF

That was my first US Thanksgiving ever and, in terms of fanfare, it surpassed most Thanksgivings I’ve experienced here in Canada. My family was invited to share in an enormous banquet where, apparently, turkey grew on trees. Fortunately for me, Thanksgiving vegetables were equally as bountiful (including the 10 pounds of mashed potatoes my sister, mom and I made). And pies! Don’t forget the pies and their excessive delisiousness. And the whipped cream! And the ice cream! Ah, so much food to be thankful for…

My mom sister and I made the obvious error of wandering towards Union Square for a shopping trip on Black Friday. Though it could have been worse (I don’t think there were any Best Buy stores in the area), the whole area was caught up in a stampede of shoppers. But we managed to navigate the currents of people and pick up some Christmas presents while also filling out bellies again (and by the way, Calgary needs more burrito places – someone get on that please).

No sooner had any space cleared in our stomachs, we were off again for another dinner, this time with some friends of my sister. Any open space inside us was quickly filled with more great food and fun. I haven’t checked a scale since I’ve been home, but I think I might postpone that bit of self-torture until I get the chance to work out a bit.

On an odd note, I didn’t take a single photo in the couple days I had there. One of my cameras came along for the trip, but apparently I always had too much food in my hands to operate it. It leaves me feeling a bit strange to visit somewhere and not shoot anything there, so I think, next time, I’ll make a point of taking at least a few food photos!

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