Tango in Split

Today’s photo of the day comes via a surreal, but welcome surprise in Split, Croatia.

I had been out shooting in the evening light and was just about ready to head back to the hotel when the sound of tango music began echoing through the narrow alleys of Split’s Old Town. I followed the auditory trail into Diocletian’s Palace where, much to my delight, I came upon the sight of more than a dozen couples tangoing the night away on the stones of the Peristyle in the heart of the Palace.

Music echoed off the archways and monuments. Onlookers drank and smoked and smiled. Dancers whirled together then found new partners after a couple songs each. And though I can’t be sure, I think there may have been some little pixies sprinkling some magic dust around the whole square. It was brilliant.

To try to capture some of the movement while also giving a hint of the setting, I put on my flash, did a little shutter drag and tried not to get too close so that the background would still be prominent in the shot.

Tango in Split

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  1. vedran vucemilovich says:

    I do
    love too dance tango in split
    Split is only one.
    good luck see you soon

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