Photo(s) of the Day – Self-Portrait

It’s not often I do self-portraits, but a good idea deserves to come to fruition. So, may I present you with the many faces of me.

I did this one afternoon a while ago, and yes, it took the whole afternoon – it was a lot of shaving…

I’m partial to (from left to right, top to bottom) number six (punk Darby) and number 10 (gay policeman Darby?). And in case you’re wondering what I look like now, it’s the hair of the first one with the (non) beard of the last one. (Soon, it will just be like the last one – I need a haircut)

Click for a larger view:

Lighting info: Light through umbrella at the left, light at the back and right for a kicker, reflector on the right for fill, and a light on the background.

Comments and mockery welcome here or on flickr.













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