Anyone Want to be My Assistant?

Yes, the exciting opportunity to plan four-plus months of travel awaits you if you are willing to organize my trip to Southeast Asia for me. If you can keep my head from overeflowing with logistics, you’re hired. This is an unpaid position.

And the other unpaid position I have ready for folks out there is someone who is willing to process thousands of photos, prepare them for my stock agencies and post them to this website. Exciting stuff everyone! Get it while it’s hot!

And just because I need to post this in my blog to be able to verify my site, here’s my Technorati Profile.

2 Responses to “Anyone Want to be My Assistant?”

  1. When are you planning on going? I am intrigued…
    Thank you,

  2. dsawchuk says:

    Hehe. This is a pretty old post now and I was just joking about being overwhelmed with travel plans. But had you responded earlier, I would have gladly accepted any help. šŸ˜‰

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