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Photo of the Day – Manchester Civil Justice Center (part 2)

To follow up on yesterday’s Photo of the Day post, I thought I would give you another view of the Manchester Civil Justice Centre.

This is one of the sides of the building in Spinningfields designed by Australian architects Denton Corker Marshall.

This photo and the previous one come from an all-too-brief weekend in which I had the chance to use a brand-new Nikon D3 and a wonderful 14-24mm lens to accompany it. Nikon loaned the gear to the studio where I work so that the photographers could take a test drive. Now if only we had had the budget to drive it off the lot – it’s great equipment and I’d love to be able to use it more. The D3 lives up to the hype on the high ISO front and that 14-24 lens is gorgeous.

This image comes to you from my architectural photography portfolio and it is also visible on flickr here.