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Photo of the Day – Tumbling Strawberries

Today’s photo of the day is another addition to my food photography portfolio. This time, it’s some strawberries tumbling through the air.

This shot is one of the better ones that resulted from a number of tosses of the bowl into the air. Things could have gotten a lot more messy if it weren’t for some padding underneath covered in garbage bags. That kept the strawberries from getting smashed every time they were thrown (and kept the bowl intact too.

Click the thumbnail to see it larger:

Lighting info: One sb-800 towards the back left, an sb-600 adding some fill from the left side and the main light was an sb-800 to the right and above. All of them on a fairly low power to be able to stop the motion.

Photos of Chocolate, Delicious Chocolate

A short while ago, I worked on some nice food photography and the theme was chocolate. We had the chance to go for some dark and moody shots and we took it. The trend in food photography these days leans towards very bright backgrounds so it was good fun to buck that trend and do something a bit different.

I may have had the ideal stylist to have on a shoot featuring chocolate: she didn’t like the stuff! Me, I was drooling through most of the shoot and probably put on a couple pounds after all was said and done.

The results of the shoot are below. I can narrow my favourites down to five or six of these shots. They have been added to my food photography portfolio, so you can see larger versions of the best ones there.












I’d love to hear your thoughts on these images in the comments.

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