Relaxing by Zadar’s Sea Organ

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This isn’t just your average seaside relaxation spot. Here in Zadar, Croatia, these folks are chilling out and not just enjoying the sounds of the waves lapping against the chore, they are also appreciating the unique music of the sea organ.

You see those small holes in the boardwalk? They lead down to the water where waves push air up to create random, entrancing harmonies.

The sea organ is the creation of architect Nikola Basic along with the nearby Greeting to the Sun installation (a series of solar panels that release their energy in a hypnotic light show in the evening). Together, they make for a magical little stretch of coastline.

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Relaxing by Zadar's Sea Organ

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  1. Dianne says:

    Darby – that is just so awesome. You should work for the Croatian Tourist Board.

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