POTD: Blue Chefchaouen Alley

Photo of the Day: Blue Chefchaouen Alley

After a couple weeks of travel, Morocco’s many medinas start to blend together. The claustrophobia-inducing alleys are never dull, but who doesn’t like a bit of variety?

A trip to Chefchaouen provides just such a change. The obvious difference between the old town of hilly Chefchaouen and its larger cousins is the sky-blue paint that covers nearly every wall of the city.

This ubiquitous hue gives the city a special visual character, but another crucial difference is the greater sense of calm that tends to reign in these hills. Less hassling happens here and when it does occur, it’s less intense than in the more populous centres.

The old cities in Morocco are always a treat for a photographer who’s willing to look and wait for the light. As in this photo, sunbeams sometimes pierce the defenses of the buildings and illuminate the narrow roads creating dramatic scenes of light and shade.

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