POTD: Charles Bridge before Dawn

Photo of the Day: Charles Bridge before Dawn

On this trip to Prague, I was greeted with a disappointing sight when I reached the Charles Bridge: scaffolding. And lots of it.

The bridge is such a wondrous, romantic spot that I can’t blame the millions of tourists that flock there. To have half of it being restored was a big photographic bummer, but I did the best I could with what I had.

This pre-dawn image is what happens when you can only shoot down one side of the bridge, on one half of the bridge. I do quite like the silhouetted buildings in the background. That’s an effect you can’t get at night since so many of the towers are lit up. Here, instead, they have a more ominous feel. And since I didn’t get much of a sunrise that morning, this moody shot ended up being the winner.

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