Linking Images Together

The generally accepted way of linking information together on the Internet is by means of text-based information. Images have typically been related to each other by means of the text-based data attached to them in the form of keywords, descriptions, tags and so on.

But what if the images floating around on the web could be linked together by means of the content of the photo itself? What if your shot of the Notre Dame Cathedral could be analyzed and connected with everyone else’s shots of the landmark? And their shots could be connected to the detail shots shots everyone has taken so that you could zoom in to each detailed carving in a three dimensional representation of the Cathedral?

The answer just may be Photosynth, a project being developed by Blaise Aguera y Arcas at Microsoft. The video of the Photosynth demo is jaw dropping. The assembly of a virtual space based on flickr photos of Notre Dame is rather incredible and inspiring stuff.

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