Take Pictures, Build Muscles!


For the last eight working days, a big part of my job has been the lifting of heavy gym equipment up and down stairs to a studio owned by Manchester’s Photolink Creative Group. I’m pretty sure, however, that the gym equipment was meant to get you in shape in an entirely different way. I think the treadmills expect you to run on them, not just carry them up and down stairs. The exercise bikes have seats on them for a reason. The handles on the elliptical trainers aren’t just for getting a handhold while lifting them.

At the same time, I think this regimen of junior power lifting must be doing my body some good (as long as I don’t suffer a hernia). I mean, I can’t have this much muscle pain without it being good for me, right? Soon I’ll be able to toss these exercise machines up to the second story without breaking a sweat.

As much as I might sound like I’m complaining here, that’s not the case. I’m pretty lucky to have the opportunity to work in the field I love and with some talented people happy to share knowledge with me. And if I happen to build up some muscles along the way, that’s not bad either!

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