Photos of Taipei’s Longshan Temple

Longshan Temple was one of my favourite locations to visit in Taipei. I visited the temple twice and both times, it was as busy as it could be with the devout engaging in the rituals common to Taiwanese temples.

When I visited one evening, I found I had become the companion of a young Taiwanese girl and her mother who seemed thrilled just to have a foreign friend to show around the temple. I’m sure it could have been quite educational had either of them spoken a word of English (or if I knew more than to say ‘hello’ and ‘thank you’ in Mandarin). The girl grabbed me by the wrist and enthusiastically dragged me to different parts of the temple, chatted to me about who-knows-what for a while and would usually take a photo of me wherever I happened to be standing.

I’m not sure what she was trying to tell me, but she was giddy while telling it. That was enough for me to consider her a temporary friend while I wandered through the temple wondering where she might drag me next.

3 Responses to “Photos of Taipei’s Longshan Temple”

  1. Mandar G says:

    are cameras allowed in LONGSAHN temple?

  2. dsawchuk says:

    They appear to be. I had no problems there and didn’t see anyone else have any trouble either. In fact, I saw a National Geographic photographer there and he was happily snapping away.

    • Brad Abbey says:

      I was there yesterday with my camera, and it was like I was transparent to the locals at prayer. I had no problems, and seemingly caused no problems

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