Photos of Osaka

I was only able to spend a few short days in Osaka when I was travelling through Japan. It seemed, even more than Tokyo, the very definition of ‘urban.’ Many people have a vision of Japan as a futuristic, modern city that covers virtually every inch of the archipelago and if they only visited Osaka, they would be justified in believing that.

The photos I have uploaded include images of the Osaka Skyline, the Dotonbori Shopping and Entertainment District and The Umeda Sky Building. When time permits, I also have images from Osaka castle and Osaka Aquarium that I intend to process and upload as well, so stay tuned.

And as always, a few samples:

The Umeda Sky Building

Osaka Skyline


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  1. That reflection on the crane really brings out that photo, if anything it down plays the rest of the photo which is just as interesting! Truely a photo worth of reflection.

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