Post-Breakfast Musings

8:00 am

I’ve since had breakfast up on the 43rd floor directly across from a rather impressive Tokyo administration building. The light was quite interesting and the sprawl of the city was quite evident, but by the time I returned to the room to get the camera, a downpour drenched the whole city and I lost my photo op. Now, I just have pictures of mist covered buildings through rain-covered windows.

I’m currently waiting for events to get underway. I’ll soon have to re-don my suit and head downstairs so that someone can tell us for the 322nd time that we are the ‘best and brightest’ and so on. The workshops toward the end of the day may be promising. The ones I think I will attend are the ones about money saving techniques, travel as a JET and vegetarianism (where they will proceed to tell us, ‘You’re screwed!’).

After a conversation at breakfast this morning with a fellow vegetarian, I keep getting that impression more and more. She talked about how she is going to allow herself to have fish broth since she will hardly be able eat anything otherwise. I might have to go the same route. She also mentioned that she had been trying to eat a bit of seafood before she came and somehow got the brilliant idea that she should eat a whole lobster on the fourth of July. She was sick for five days.

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