Ely Cathedral Window

Photo of the Day

This west-facing window on the Lady Chapel of Ely Cathedral caught the light of the descending sun in an extraordinary way. The whole window seemed to be set ablaze for a few moments as the sun neared the horizon. I’ve tried to capture just how bright the light looked, but I’m not sure a photograph can show just how brilliant it was.

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Ely Cathedral Lady Chapel Window

Solin Roman Amphitheatre Ruins

I don’t think I’ll ever cease to be blown away by 2000-year-old structures, ruined or otherwise. The ruins of the Roman city of Solin near Split Croatia don’t disappoint. Okay, so it’s not quite 2000 years old, but it doesn’t matter to me.

The fact that these structures are still here for us to admire centuries later is such a joy. This amphitheatre is one of the better sights and it inspires your imagination to wonder what it would have looked like in its heyday.

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Solin Amphitheatre

Photo of the Day – La Perdrera

I’m currently going through images from my trip to Barcelona last year and just processed this one from La Pedrera, one of Antoni Gaudi’s brilliant Art Nouveau apartment buildings. Also known as Casa Mila, this UNESCO world heritage site is full of Gaudi’s signature organic shapes and whimsical design.

This photo shows the view up to the sky from one of the many oddly-shaped courtyards below. It’s composed of five shots combined to make an HDR image. As tripods aren’t allowed inside La Pedrera, I had to shoot handheld which is never ideal for combining images in this way. But, thanks to Photoshop CS4’s improved ability to align layers, it all worked out.

I rarely get the results I want from Photoshop’s automatic HDR tool. Instead, I tend to throw all the different exposures into separate layers and go to town with masking. It gives better control over the final image and I can generally prevent the nasty halo effects that come with some automated HDR procedures.

Click the image for a larger version on flickr:

La Pedrera

Photo of the Day – Manchester Civil Justice Center (part 2)

To follow up on yesterday’s Photo of the Day post, I thought I would give you another view of the Manchester Civil Justice Centre.

This is one of the sides of the building in Spinningfields designed by Australian architects Denton Corker Marshall.

This photo and the previous one come from an all-too-brief weekend in which I had the chance to use a brand-new Nikon D3 and a wonderful 14-24mm lens to accompany it. Nikon loaned the gear to the studio where I work so that the photographers could take a test drive. Now if only we had had the budget to drive it off the lot – it’s great equipment and I’d love to be able to use it more. The D3 lives up to the hype on the high ISO front and that 14-24 lens is gorgeous.

This image comes to you from my architectural photography portfolio and it is also visible on flickr here.

Photo of the Day – Manchester Civil Justice Center

For today’s photo of the day, I bring you a bit of architectural photography.

The futuristic Manchester Civil Justice Centre is one of the many ambitious modern architectural projects that populate Manchester. This is but a glimpse of it – pull back and this pattern of squares and rectangles extends way beyond this frame and starts to resemble the armor-cladded side of a science fiction spaceship.

And that’s only one side of it. The opposite side’s massive glass front must badly confuse the area’s birds. And the ends of the building look like a massive glass and steel game of Jenga.

This image comes to you from my architectural photography portfolio and it is also visible on flickr here.