POTD: Knights of the Cross Square

Photo of the Day: Knights of the Cross Square

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, one of the possible activities to engage in while in Prague is stair climbing. The effort is always rewarded as in this case where I climbed the steps of the Old Town Bridge Tower at dusk to be granted this view of Knights of the Cross Square.

up on those ramparts, this photo depicts the view to the East, but the view West is even more impressive. The tower watches over the Charles Bridge and its crossing of the Vlatava river. Rising steeply on the other side is the crag on which Prague Castle cuts into the sky with its jagged outline.

A photo or two of the castle will come later. For now, I’ve given you the shot to the East, where the dusk light seemed to bathe the buildings a warm glow as a blue night descended on the steeples.

This shot, obviously, involved the use of a tripod which wasn’t exactly a piece of cake to use in the narrow passage that surrounds the top of the tower. If you’re going to use one, make sure it’s relatively small and adaptable, but reasonably sturdy as well (I was lucky, but I imagine it can get a bit windy up on the tops of the towers).

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