Photos of Harajuku

Oops. I kind of forgot that I put up these photos last week. It has been a busy week after all (and they just keep coming!).

So, in case you haven’t already seen my photos of Harajuku, wander on over and have a look.

This Tokyo district is home to the majority of Japan’s weird trend setters. Scores of boutiques serve up every kind of fashion imaginable. Bands line up on the sidewalks and blast their music into the streets. Flea markets cover the ground with clothes of all types. Pompadoured, leather-pant clad rockabilly dancers do the twist in the park. Goth teens feign indifference to the photographers that give them the attention they crave.

Harajuku is a cornucopia of people watching delights, but if you tire of the weird and wild, nearby Yoyogi Park offers tranquility and respite with quiet lakes and lovely picnic spots in the woods.

But it’s hard to get tired of the vibrance of Tokyo’s youth showing off their creativity and earnest yearning for individuality in an frequently conformist society.

Check out the photos here.

Harajuku Goths

Harajuku Rockabilly

Yoyogi Park

3 Responses to “Photos of Harajuku”

  1. Jason W says:

    I just lost my entire comment!!! DOH!

    Anyway the crux of my comments were:

    a) really like your work – keep it up
    b) I’ve been to Tokyo several times and NEVER has the sky been as blue as it is in your photo!! I think photoshop is at work 🙂

  2. dsawchuk says:

    Thanks Jason. I seem to have missed the notification of your comment, so sorry for the late reply.

    Glad you like my photos. And while I’ve brought out the blue of the sky a little bit, it wasn’t by much – I was lucky with some nice days in Tokyo. 🙂

  3. Allan says:

    Nice work. Tokyo looks like good fun.

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