How to Win Photography Contests has posted an article on how to win a photography contest. He is one of the judges for the Crestock Photography Contest and imparts potentially useful information for those looking to snag the top prizes.

I’m not an especially big fan of photography competitions myself. I’ll enter them from time to time, but I don’t find myself getting too emotionally involved in the results. If a photo of mine wins, that’s okay by me (and I certainly won’t turn down any prizes!), but my victory in a contest isn’t going to set the standard by which I judge my images. Photography is far too subjective for me to get hung up about a win or a loss in a contest. If I’m happy with the quality of my work and if my clients are (even better!) then not winning a contest won’t hurt my ego too much.

It’s also important to make sure of the terms before you enter any contests. All too often, contests seem to be interested in using your photos in such a manner that you should be compensated for that use. Before entering anything in any contest, take a good look that you aren’t giving away your copyright, or that you aren’t granting the organization in charge of the contest some perpetual royalty-free use for any media type and subject. In case you are wondering, the Crestock competition, seems photographer friendly and they aren’t likely to grab any rights they shouldn’t.

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