More Photos of Taiwan

Over the weekend, I posted a couple more galleries of photos from Taiwan.

First, a batch of photos from the rural area of Ershui. This quiet town on the Jiji small rail line was a good spot for a leisurely bike ride and some monkey watching up in the hills.

The other gallery I posted is from Changhua, a city that boats a rather enormous Buddha statue overlooking the town below.

If you would like to read more about my travels in each of these locations, check my blog entries on Ershui and Changhua

Lastly, some appetizers:

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  1. Nyebuchi Wodi says:

    will be visitin taiwan by next year 4 academic studies. so will like to know more about the city.
    I think your page gives me the right feel. Don’t wanna be left out .
    I’ll be glad if i could get some more in my mail.

    Many cheers.

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