Taipei 101 Photos

Continuing with my recent trend of posting images from Taiwan, I have just added a gallery of photos of what is currently the tallest building in the world: Taipei 101.

The astonishingly high building is a must-see in Taipei and due to it’s height, it’s almost a sure bet you will see it from somewhere in the city. But getting up close will give you the opportunity to truly marvel at the construction. Even better, take the surprisingly-fast elevator ride to the top where you will get a perspective of the city that shows just how sprawling the metropolis is. And if the views from the observatory aren’t high enough for you, climb a few more flights of stairs and head outside.

The outdoor observatory was one of my favourite parts of my visit to the tower. On the night I visited, the terrace was not heavily populated and I was often left alone to listen to the wind and the distant, faint hum of the city. It was extraordinary to be surrounded by millions of people, but still enveloped in quiet.

Check out the photos (including a couple shots from inside the wax museum in the observatory – David Beckham and Bruce Lee were graceful models for me) here.

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