Impending Independence

I woke early this morning and wandered back to the park for more photos. Such a gorgeous place. I hope each city can offer up a place so remarkable.

On my way back to the hotel, I met a man named Mr. Sakamoto who was going for a morning run. He greeted me in English and we conversed all the way back to the hotel with a side trip for a drink at a communal pool. Atop a small waterfall/fountain, a couple of mugs sat in a plastic bin. Mr. Sakamoto drank and insisted I have a try. He said he frequently stops there on his hour-long morning runs. This marathon runner managed to make me feel rather lazy since he’s 73 years old and I wouldn’t even come close to keeping up with him.

Today, the major event that has everyone on pins and needles is the meeting of the supervisors. This afternoon marks the last of our time being hand held being by the JET programme. Group life will come to an end and we will begin coping by ourselves.

As I was saying to Chi-Wei (I remembered her name finally) last night, I’m looking forward to settling into my new home, but at the same time, I’m dreading being alone. The language is truly going to make my life difficult and I’ll have to adjust rather quickly. So far, I’ve had people to help me along, but I don’t know what kind of resources I’ll have when in Ichinoseki. Just so long as I don’t starve or get sick from eating meat, I’ll be okay.

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