Images of Manchester’s Southern Cemetery

Some people think it’s weird, but I have a thing for old cemeteries. I find them peaceful and beautiful and I don’t analyse it too much beyond that.

The cemeteries in Europe easily trump the ones where I grew up in Canada – their age alone makes them more fascinating just because there is so much history. Not to mention that there just isn’t the same kind of craftsmanship exhibited in newer graveyards – the quality of the sculpture here far surpasses anything I knew in my hometown.

So, in Manchester, Southern Cemetery makes for a good place for me to visit as it’s expansive and filled with lovely monuments. I took my new camera out for a test drive there and I now have a gallery up showcasing the results.

Check out the photos here.

Southern Cemetery, Manchester, UK.

Southern Cemetery, Manchester, UK.

Southern Cemetery, Manchester, UK.

5 Responses to “Images of Manchester’s Southern Cemetery”

  1. Assissotom says:

    I would love to hear more about this …

  2. EMMA ROSE says:

    Hey Darby,

    You are not weird at all! I have a thing for old Cemeteries too, you should check out the Jewish Cemetery, think its in Crumpsall. The Jewish Cemetery in Prague is amazing too if you are ever wondering that way! Anyway beautiful shots you have their in the rare sun of Manchester, a far cry from my creepy 5 in the morning graveyard shots I can tell you!

  3. Sean Yee says:

    Sometimes it is difficult to be different (from other people’s view point).

    I do love to see old cemetry. For the info on the tomb stones, you get to see glimpses of the person’s life (some died quite young in far off places from where they came from).

  4. anna says:

    I have always been moved by cemetaries, to the point that when I found out there was an amazing one in the new city I had moved to, it was the first ‘site’ I had to see.
    …and on the chance you didn’t see it when you were shooting in the UK, just wanted to point out that Glasgow has a marvelous Necropolis that is worth a visit. 🙂

  5. dsawchuk says:

    Thanks Anna,

    I’ve been to the one in Glasgow. It’s lovely there. I actually have a photo from there on my portfolio site under the ‘places’ section. Look for image #26.

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